In order to realize our corporate vision of increased renewable energy resource utilization in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner, Arc Southern has acquired and maintained an in-house technology development and deployment capability. In response to the specific needs of our clients and prospective customers, we first try to tailor solutions based on adaptation an integration of available technologies, including our own. However, should process modifications or new process steps or equipment be required, we have the capability to develop and deploy them as needed.

As our name suggests, at Arc Southern, advanced plasma arc gasification is a cornerstone technology, and forms the basis for many of the waste disposal and renewable energy solutions we recommend for our clients. Arc Southern clean waste gasification technology, with multiple feed stock capabilities is based on advanced proprietary "cool plasma" developed by adaptive Arc, Inc.

This low cost, high efficiency, versatile, modular, and mobile plasma arc gasifier can be rapidly adapted and optimized to operate cleanly and efficiently on a wide variety of feed stocks. At Arc Southern, we are proud of this and other innovations around which we develop science-based custom solutions. We can provide clean gasification and power generation from feed stocks including gas phase and solid phase municipal waste, sewage sludge, petroleum sludge, wood, and high carbon fly ash, just to name a few.

In addition to in-house technology resources, we work with strategic partners to develop the "next generation" in waste-to-energy conversion and environmental remediation technology. Our strategic alliances with adaptive ARC, Inc. and Tensorcrete, LLC to develop a profitable means for disposing of municipal waste landfill solids and gas, along with high carbon coal fly ash in the same system, while producing a net energy to sell to the grid, and a valuable cement product is but one example.

Arc Southern has the scientific, engineering and environmental protection talent required to assess your situation and recommend environmentally sound and cost effective solutions, as well as the financial resources for their development and implementation. Our science and engineering team will recommend the best available methods and equipment for your project, even when they may not involve our technology. Our highly experienced staff is ready to find, develop and deliver the environmental and waste-to-energy solutions you need.

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ARC Southern provides a unique environmental, technological, and financial solution for converting LFG and waste into generating clean, green energy.

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