In addition to the Build-Operate-Own business model and based on our financial strength, political acumen and aggressive approach to growth, our expertise is well positioned to provide a two-tiered structure to address the needs of both industry consulting/business development and project development/management services to your organization.

Business Development/Consulting

Arc Southern can offer a consulting arrangement with your company for its LFG related pre-project work and waste-to-energy needs. Scope of work will be provided on an as-directed basis, toward successful preliminary LFG business development or waste to energy development, with activities including:

  • General industry consulting
  • Project identification
  • Technical assessment
  • Market assessment
  • Financial assessment
  • Project recommendation
  • Gas rights agreement negotiations and execution
  • Energy and environmental attributes sales contract negotiations and execution

Each assessment with the complete consulting solution will provide enough information in order to enable our clients to make an educated decision regarding their renewable energy (LFG or waste to energy) system. In addition these studies include estimated capacity, power and energy production, overall project costs with return on investment, and the list of eligible environmental incentives and rebates.

Project Management Services

Arc Southern can also provide project specific services, generally to commence upon execution of gas rights, energy sales and other relevant project agreements, on all of your waste-to-energy related projects. Project specific tasks will include:

  • Collection systems remediation/expansion design (if appropriate)
  • Energy systems design
  • Permitting
  • Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Start-up services

Arc Southern is committed to executing the waste to energy project and producing the renewable energy, overcoming challenges through engineering, technology, and talent. We are committed to executing the projects safely and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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ARC Southern provides a unique environmental, technological, and financial solution for converting LFG and waste into generating clean, green energy.

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